T-Exporta is a company dedicated to Spanish children´s clothing wholesale, Spanish baby fashion wholesale, Spanish children´s shoes and footwear wholesale., Cóndor socks and tights wholesale. We are the oficial distributor for various international markets.

T-exporta maker hight quality Spanish shoes for a lot of brands.

Have you ever thought about having your own brand of footwear, your own models, your personalized box....?

T-exporta is your footwear factory since 1940, made in Spain, quality footwear, in leather, suede, patent  leather, as you choose.


We are manufacturing for more than 15 different countries.

 Ever since we opened the export market over, Our company has been working exclusively with the leading companies in each sector including dresses, kids fashion clothes, shoes, blankets, bed ware and newborn items. With our deep knowledge of the customer needs and preferences for kid clothes, we have selected the best Spanish brands in each segment.

Every season we have for you 2.500 to 3.000 diferents ítems of best Spanish brands.

We are maker of clothes and shoes for children.

Exclusive distributor for some of the best and old brands in Spain for clothes and children´s shoes.

T-Exporta continually renews its products to adapt to any market demand.

We treat differently to each case after studying the order, the destination and the payment term. We ensure that each client receives maximum personalized attention, to guaranty full satisfaction for both parties.

T-Exporta we are proud of the quality Brands and Products we supply to you.

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